Studio HENK and interior advice

A nice atmosphere in the house, a place where you feel at home. Studio HENK designs designer furniture, with clean lines, and with warm wood and pleasant upholstery. We do our best to build a nice collection, with which you can put together a completely unique interior. And we now also offer you the opportunity for customized interior advice!

What kind of advice does Studio HENK give? - Which atmosphere are you looking for exactly, what are your wishes? How can you best organize your space? Which Studio HENK furniture fits into your new home, and for what sizes should you choose? Which materials (wood, steel, marble, HPL, leather, fabric) are there and do you like it?

Interior advice: yes please! - You can make an appointment on Thursday or Friday during our opening hours, and will take about an hour. If you have them, please bring samples of floor, paint or other furniture. And if you have a floor plan, and maybe pictures, please take them with you! Determine your specific request for advice, so we can pay sufficient attention to this. Make your appointment quickly via, and we will see you soon in our showroom!


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