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Three interior ideas to create a change of scenery at home

Because as they say… a change is as good as a holiday.

We all love a good getaway. Checking in to a beautiful room, the smell of blossoming trees outside, and a warm summer breeze rustling through the curtains. Would you like to recreate this relaxing feeling in your own home with just a few simple changes? Here are 3 ways you can create a holiday feeling in your home through a simple change of scenery.


1. Decorate your interior with a new colour scheme

First think about your dream holiday location. Is it a sparkling beach scene, a rustic cottage getaway, an elegant villa? Recreate these settings in your home with a new corresponding colour scheme. At HENK, when we pictured holidays, a lilac Cave Lounge Chair, a textured light grey sofa and a natural oak coffee table came to mind. However, as each piece in our collection is customisable, you can easily choose from our large selection of fabric options, different wood finishes and various materials to imitate the colour palette of your dream getaway. 


2. Choose furniture with soft shapes 

Breaking up your interior with curved lines and flowing shapes is an easy way to create that relaxed and laid-back feeling that we all associate with a holiday. Our favourite way to do this is with a flat oval shaped dining setting such as the Slot Dining Table paired with the Slot Dining Bench. These two are a perfect match! You can even add a flat oval shaped cushion on top of your bench to make your dining setting even more relaxing.


3. Make sure there is room for everyone

The best part about a holiday is the company right?! Friends dropping by, meeting new people, a spontaneous change of plans. To bring this flexibility into your own home you need an adaptable dining setting - which is exactly what the Blob tabletop was designed for. Its organic shape and fluid edges provide plenty of seating opportunities. Combine this tabletop with some colourful poufs to ensure there will always be space to add an extra spot for friends that drop by. 



For more inspiration on transforming your home into a dream holiday inspired space, visit our stores in Amsterdam or Antwerp for a free Interior Advice session. Our talented Interior Advisors can help you choose the colours, shapes and designs that will fit what you are looking for.

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