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Studio HENK introduces the Amoeba Collection

We are proud to launch our first sustainable collection: the Amoeba Collection. The Amoeba Collection is characterized by soft, organic shapes and a natural material. With this new collection that was made with care for the planet and its people, we take a big step towards a more sustainable future.

This past year we’ve been doing a lot of research into sustainability and the question how we can make our collection even more sustainable. We’re in the process of becoming an FSC-certified brand; we’re looking into plastic-free packaging and we’re researching how to reduce our overall carbon footprint. Now, we are launching our first sustainable collection.

The collection consists of a dining table and a coffee table and is made of rest materials that we aim to repurpose. "By creating a small sustainable collection, we can investigate how we can improve the entire lifecycle of our furniture collection," says creative director and designer Xander Albers. The furniture is made from Living Board - a sustainable board material made of wood chips and fibres from FSC-certified trees. The collection, like the rest of our furniture, is made to last. If the furniture eventually reaches the end of its lifecycle, it can be recycled. The furniture is 100% recyclable and (almost) 100% biodegradable.

The Amoeba collection is characterized by organic shapes that are the result of an intuitive design process. The collection is inspired by the amoeba - a natural organism that adapts to the circumstances. Amoeba literally means 'without form' ('a' is without, 'moeba' is form) and refers to the ever-changing shape of the organism. This is visible in the design of the table, which allows for flexible seating. Where the narrow sides of the table offer intimate sitting places, the wider sides offer more spacious sitting places. With the Amoeba collection we move towards a softer minimalism characterized by rounder shapes and more neutral tones.

The collection is available from September.