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Towards a zero-waste future

We strive to restore the planet by reusing products, reducing our consumption and regenerating the environment.




As part of our mission to be a zero-waste furniture brand, we are working towards opening a new store that will offer samples, repaired and returned furniture for discounted prices: the Studio HENK reSTORE. Read more about what the reSTORE is all about….



Through the reSTORE we will help reduce the consumption of new products. Reducing consumption starts with designing for a need. At Studio HENK we have always designed practical and functional furniture from sustainable and high-quality materials. Each piece we produce is made-to-order, so that we are only producing what is really necessary. By designing pieces that are made to last, they can be used for generations and this in turn reduces our demand on new resources. 




The reSTORE will also help to ensure that furniture made to last forever will be used forever too. By re-homing preloved, returned and repaired furniture pieces we will make sure that these durable designs are getting the most use possible. Furniture should never have to reach the end of its life cycle and end up in landfill; and we’ll do everything we can to make sure ours won’t.




By putting sustainable choices first, our mission is to regenerate the environment and create a zero-waste furniture industry. We recognise that we’re not perfect yet, but we strive to always be learning and constantly improving. Currently, we are in the process of becoming climate neutral certified, which means we will have insight into our carbon emissions and can accurately reduce and compensate them. We are also determined to become a BCorp. Having recently submitted our BCorp Impact Assessment, which is currently in review, we are now working on following and implementing the BCorp guidelines; which are another fantastic guide to help us achieve our mission of benefiting the planet and its people. 



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