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Studio HENK's new collection is characterized by new shapes and materials

We’re heading into the new year with a new collection of furniture. Amongst other things, we’ve added a beautiful new tabletop shape to our collection of customizable dining tables: the flat oval. The shape can be described as somewhere in between rectangular and oval. It’s perfect for those who love the soft shapes of an oval tabletop, but don’t have enough room for it. (The oval table has a 120 cm diameter, whereas the flat oval has a 90/100 cm diameter, just like our rectangular tables). As with all designs, the table can be customized to your heart’s desire. The dining table also comes with a complementary dining bench.

We’re introducing a beautiful new dining table as well. The Slot is a wooden table with softer, more feminine shapes. To complement the rounded shapes of the frame, we decided to pair it with a flat oval tabletop. The Slot forms a beautiful contrast with the other dining tables in our collection, that often have a more masculine steel frame. The table is available in oak wood or walnut.

Available online soon.