Dutch Design Dock

Dutch Design Dock - A number of well-known brands were represented at the exclusive event for the residential sector: Dutch Design Dock in the Beursfabriek/Woonindustrie Nieuwegein. Open on Sunday for consumers, and trade days on Monday and Tuesday. A place where new collections are presented.

Grand - For the first time this year we took part in this event by showing our collection in the Beursfabriek. Our collection got a lot of space in the open plan design. Warm and carmine red, fireman's red, deep red, and a selection of our collection. The other labels showed off pretty good as well. It is a good time for us to show the sector who we are and where we stand, and to see what the Dutch housing sector currently is all about.

Coming season - For Studio HENK this is a special year; we were founded five years ago. And we have grown incredibly quick since then. The growth continues undiminished, so we are eagerly looking forward to what still awaits us. Expansion of the collection, pushing our borders (internationally!) and strengthening our team. And exhibitions are the perfect indicators for us!


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