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Tips for mastering your home coffee ritual

Master the art of coffee to transform your home coffee ritual into more than just a caffeine fix. We sat down with Kick van Doorn, the Co-founder of YUSU coffee, to find out his best tips for making the perfect home-brew to enhance this common morning ritual.

Make a slow coffee with the Chemex

Try out a new brewing technique to renew your home coffee routine. The Chemex is a pour-over glass coffeemaker that can be used to make a sophisticated home coffee through its slow and meditative process.

To make a Chemex brew you will need 40g of coffee (medium to coarse grind), a filter, scale and 500ml of hot water (90°C).

First, place your filter in the Chemex and pour hot water over the filter paper until it is saturated. The filter must be completely wet, otherwise your coffee will have a paper taste. You can pour the water out again once it is wet.

Place your Chemex on the scale to measure the coffee grinds as you pour them into the centre of the rinsed filter. Start by pouring in a dash of hot water and letting the coffee bloom (it releases the gases that are created during the roasting of the coffee beans).

After 20-30 seconds you will see that no more bubbles are forming, and you can slowly pour in more water. Pour in a circular motion, letting the water seep through the filter and topping it up until it reaches 500ml.

Avoid letting the last bit of the water drain through the filter as this will have a more bitter taste.

Finally, remove the filter, pour the coffee into preheated cups and enjoy your Chemex home brew!

Master your milk frothing 

Creating the perfect smooth and frothy milk is another great way to enhance your daily coffee ritual.

The first step in taking your froth to the next level is choosing the right milk. If you drink cow milk, then choose organic whole milk, as this contains enough proteins and fats to create the best foam. Otherwise, barista style oat milk is a great dairy free alternative. 

The jug that you use for foaming is also very important. You will need enough space to allow the milk to grow in volume and ensure that it doesn’t spill over the edge.

When frothing your milk, position the steam tip just below the surface of the liquid. This ensures that it comes in contact with both the milk and the air - causing it to foam. Make sure you don’t keep the steam nozzle too high, as too much air will enter the milk foam, creating large air bubbles that break easily. 

You want the milk to start spinning. Once you have created a thin layer of foam and a nice vortex has formed, you can lower your steam tip to heat all of the milk to the right temperature. Stop steaming when it reaches 65°C; the jug will feel too hot to touch.

Finally, to top off your creamy foam, knock the jug a few times so that the large bubbles burst. Then, roll the jug in a circular motion until smooth. 

Latte art for an artistic touch

Once you've mastered the technique of milk frothing, it's fun to experiment with latte art. Making a latte heart is a simple design to start with, and a great way to bring a smile to your face in the morning. 

Kick’s main tips for this technique are to keep your hand as steady as possible and to use a wide cup.

Start by slowly pouring your milk foam into the centre of the espresso. Begin by pouring from high up so that the milk will dive under the surface of the coffee, then gradually lower your arm so your hand is close to the cup. 

As soon as you almost reach the milk surface with your jug, start to wiggle the jug slightly back and forth. A circular apple shape should have started to form. To create your heart, draw a thin line with the milk from the top of the apple downwards, transforming it into a beautiful heart.

With all of these tips in mind, we hope that your daily coffee ritual can become a special moment for you to slow down and relax. Why not share your coffee masterpieces on Instagram by tagging @studiohenk and @yusu.coffee. We look forward to seeing your creation!