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The Blob tabletop: an adaptable shape for endless seating options

The Blob is an organic table design, all about adaptability. Its fluid edges and the absence of corners allow you to change your setting to suit the moment. 

With a longer edge on one side and a slightly shorter, curvier edge on the other, it allows you to create an inclusive environment for enjoyable meals and meaningful conversations. The adaptability of this shape also provides many seating options. Mix and match chairs and poufs around the table to suit your company. Thanks to its organic shape, you are not bound to a traditional, often symmetrical, table setting. 

The unique blob shape was inspired from the design of our Amoeba collection; named after a living organism that adapts to its changing environment. Further enhancing the adaptability of this piece, the tabletop is also modular. You can choose the size of the table, the type of frame and where you want it to be positioned. The frame positioning options allow you to adapt the design to facilitate the ideal settings you require around the table.  

The Blob can also be customised with different colours and finishes. You can explore our full range of options here.